Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earn Money Writing: Wikinut

Looking for a new site that offer writers a share of revenue from page impression and advertisements posted along with your article? Yes, I know this is not a new concept, but why not give this one a try? The last time I looked at it is there's only a few articles posted on their site.

Wikinut is a new site that pays their writer through PayPal. Yes, that's PayPal. That's good for those who wants to make us of a pen name and don't want to divuldge their identity. Only your user name will be posted with your article. You don't have to post your real picture n tyour profile, all they require is a picture. What I posted is a picture of a Ferris Wheel(that's the first picture I saw in my desktop). They also promised to make any experienced writers as moderators. As moderators, you'll share a revenue from the adverts of the pages you are moderating. 10% commission is also paid to direct referrals.

I don't know yet how Wikinut will turn out to be in a future, but for me I'll give it a try. I'll post a proof of payment whenever I get my first pay. For those who are interested click here.

Goodbye Linkreferral

I removed my Linkreferral button in this blog. I will also stop Visiting 30 websites, reviewing and adding a website at Linkreferral. Why? Because I might lose or get my Google AdSense account. There are those who said that had their account suspended and those who are saying they have no problem with baing a part of Linkreferral. We really don't know if Google is prohibiting joining Linkreferral but we can never be sure. I want to play safe.

You can review your Google AdSense TOS and find in there that only "organic" traffic is allowed. Increasing traffic by means of manual or automatic programs is prohibited. There are also other reasons your account can be terminated and I know everyone's aware of them, there's no need to go on them one by one.We just have to go along with the rules. Google is Google.,They have eyes everywhere.

So, if you want to use Linkreferral use it on your "Affiliate" sites without Google AdSense. Or you can start monetizing your site, increase traffic so as to have a better page rank then after that when it is stable enough you can start it back with AdSense.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates and Proofs

I need Christmas money! So far the money making online programs I've joined are somewhat paying off. Some may be slow but I'm thankful enough to find ways of earning online without having to invest a cent. Here's the update since I started this blog on the month of September.

$3.56 as of today for my next Payout
Earned $5.72 from my last Payout
($5.50 minimum for Payout)

$36.13 converted to Amazon gift card



That's for now. I have other amounts from PTCs and Surveys but I'll just post it here after a substantial amount is worth posting. I also did not include my freelance jobs and earnings from blog advertisements(Google Adsense, Infolinks...)

For reviews of the money making opportunities mentioned just read my previous post.

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