Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ping Pong: The Importance of Pinging Your Blog

Another way of increasing your traffic is by using of free pinging service found in the internet, by doing so you can inform others that you have added new contents to your blog. There’s a lot to choose from, just type “pinging service” in Google and you’ll get a handful of results.

The process is just easy. Typically you’ll be asked to type the name of your blog, the URL and RSS URL(optional). Then the service will do the rest. You’ll just wait a minute or two for the results. You’ll be able to see if the ping is successful to servers like Google, Yahoo, Tehcnorati, etc.

You can use multiple pinging services to index new contents of your blog. But choosing multiple services might ping same servers for same content and might consider your site a spam. So, to be safe and not endanger your blog is to use just a single pinging service. Here’s a list of some services I recommend:  

King Ping