Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earn Money Playing Poker Part 2. No Pay Poker.

I encountered another way of earning money through playing poker. Though not exciting as my previous Earn through Playing Poker Post, this is another way of having fun while earning. No Pay Poker has no deposit options, it give you instantly "Freed" credits which allows you to play in their Poker tables. 1 Freed I think is equal to $0.01 and can be withdraw after an accumulation of $30. Payments are through PayPal, Neteller, and Moneybookers. You have to install their software first then create an account. They have offers to increase your Freed credits by writing an article, completing your profile, etc. Where's the payments from? Just like other sites out there, No Pay Poker is fueled by the advertisements seen on the sidebars of its software. Have fun playing!

Tips and Tricks for Searchers of Online Money Making Opportunities

As we search for ways to earn money online, we encounter offers that are too good to be true, promises that dazzles us with offers to get rich quickly, to earn without doing any hard work. But most of these are empty promises, a scam, a campaign for the benefit of others. What can we do to avoid these things? What are the rules we can impose to ourselves so that we'll not be robbed of our money and our precious time? These are some rules that I can suggest you guys should consider following, it's never bad to be careful.

• Never pay a single cent to earn money online. If it requires you some money so that you'll be able to earn $1,000 of dollars, most probably it's a scam.
• If you can't resist the temptation of signing up for a earn money oppurtunity, at least do a review. Search for independent reviews from reputable sources. Ask around in forums for feedbacks. If it's a good program, surely someone heard about it. If it's a scam, surely many heard about it.
• Look for indicators like suspicious page layout. Most scams have a crappy page layout. The typical sign now for 50% off price sign up button at the top, middle and bottom of the page. Pages that require your credit card infos.
• Have a secondary e-mail account for signing up for registrations. You don't want to get your e-mail hacked, with all your other important accounts connected to it.
• Use unique passwords to different web pages. If you're lazy to keep track of numerous passwords, you can use 1 strong password and attach the last 3 characters of the page as a suffix.(e.g. Password for facebook is abc123book, for twitter is abc123tter).
• If you find a good site with a list of what turns out as links to reputable earn money programs, bookmark it for future updates.
• $100/hour for doing easy tasks is not possible. Promises, promises, promises.
• Always read first the FAQs page of every website. Know how, when, through what means you'll get paid.

So that's it. Research, research and research. Even if t's free. You don't want to be wasting your time or be a target of SPAMS in your e-mail or worse, be a victim of identity theft.