Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ping Pong: The Importance of Pinging Your Blog

Another way of increasing your traffic is by using of free pinging service found in the internet, by doing so you can inform others that you have added new contents to your blog. There’s a lot to choose from, just type “pinging service” in Google and you’ll get a handful of results.

The process is just easy. Typically you’ll be asked to type the name of your blog, the URL and RSS URL(optional). Then the service will do the rest. You’ll just wait a minute or two for the results. You’ll be able to see if the ping is successful to servers like Google, Yahoo, Tehcnorati, etc.

You can use multiple pinging services to index new contents of your blog. But choosing multiple services might ping same servers for same content and might consider your site a spam. So, to be safe and not endanger your blog is to use just a single pinging service. Here’s a list of some services I recommend:  

King Ping

Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Be on Top of Google Search in Less Than a Minute.

If you're really desperate on trying to be on top of Google search page then this is you're lucky day. I'm going to teach you how to be on top among millions of websites for just a few minutes. This is will cost you nothing and is really easy to do, even my 8 year old niece can do it.

Step 1: Go to Google.com

Step 2: Type in a keyword/keywords that you're sure you can find your website in.

Step 3: Notice those Promote button?(yeah, that a new feature) Click on it.

Instant Rank 1 on Google!

I don't really know yet about how things work with the promote, remove and comment button. But from what I observed is that it just saves on your computer. It won't affect your ranking or some SEO thingamajig. If Google does implement those buttons to affect websites ranking, it'll be a heck of a roller coaster ride for publishers. A big chaos of clicking contest.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earn Money Writing: Wikinut

Looking for a new site that offer writers a share of revenue from page impression and advertisements posted along with your article? Yes, I know this is not a new concept, but why not give this one a try? The last time I looked at it is there's only a few articles posted on their site.

Wikinut is a new site that pays their writer through PayPal. Yes, that's PayPal. That's good for those who wants to make us of a pen name and don't want to divuldge their identity. Only your user name will be posted with your article. You don't have to post your real picture n tyour profile, all they require is a picture. What I posted is a picture of a Ferris Wheel(that's the first picture I saw in my desktop). They also promised to make any experienced writers as moderators. As moderators, you'll share a revenue from the adverts of the pages you are moderating. 10% commission is also paid to direct referrals.

I don't know yet how Wikinut will turn out to be in a future, but for me I'll give it a try. I'll post a proof of payment whenever I get my first pay. For those who are interested click here.

Goodbye Linkreferral

I removed my Linkreferral button in this blog. I will also stop Visiting 30 websites, reviewing and adding a website at Linkreferral. Why? Because I might lose or get my Google AdSense account. There are those who said that had their account suspended and those who are saying they have no problem with baing a part of Linkreferral. We really don't know if Google is prohibiting joining Linkreferral but we can never be sure. I want to play safe.

You can review your Google AdSense TOS and find in there that only "organic" traffic is allowed. Increasing traffic by means of manual or automatic programs is prohibited. There are also other reasons your account can be terminated and I know everyone's aware of them, there's no need to go on them one by one.We just have to go along with the rules. Google is Google.,They have eyes everywhere.

So, if you want to use Linkreferral use it on your "Affiliate" sites without Google AdSense. Or you can start monetizing your site, increase traffic so as to have a better page rank then after that when it is stable enough you can start it back with AdSense.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates and Proofs

I need Christmas money! So far the money making online programs I've joined are somewhat paying off. Some may be slow but I'm thankful enough to find ways of earning online without having to invest a cent. Here's the update since I started this blog on the month of September.

$3.56 as of today for my next Payout
Earned $5.72 from my last Payout
($5.50 minimum for Payout)

$36.13 converted to Amazon gift card



That's for now. I have other amounts from PTCs and Surveys but I'll just post it here after a substantial amount is worth posting. I also did not include my freelance jobs and earnings from blog advertisements(Google Adsense, Infolinks...)

For reviews of the money making opportunities mentioned just read my previous post.

Please visit my other blog Chopsuey Rice which is about random stuffs, reviews and opinions mostly related to my life in the Philippines.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Earn Cash through Facebook with CloudCrowd! The Proof.

This is a follow up of my previous post. If you haven’t read it yet, you can scroll down and read it. The next day after working some tasks (I have to reiterate this again: very easy tasks) from CloudCrowd, I constantly check on my PayPal account to see if it really pays. I kept on checking until nighttime only to be disappointed. I even send them a message to ask if they’ll pay the “crowd” even if their PayPal account is still unverified (I still don’t verify my PayPal account at the moment). I slept hoping that I’ll get paid on the third day (they promise to pay after 24 hours which is too good to be true for skeptics like me). I went to work forgetting about my hopes on CloudCrowd. During my break, I managed to check on my PayPal account, to my surprise, there’s a $29 on the account! What can I say? I’m happy of course. CloudCrowd is currently on its Beta form, there still a room for improvement yet they are beating their competition like Amazon Mturk. Try it yourself guys! Attached is a proof of my 4 hour work with CloudCrowd. For those who wants to join, click HERE.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Earn Cash using your Facebook Account through CloudCrowd!

Love Amazon Mturk? You’ll love this even better. Or hate Mturk because of its payout limitations and low payment? This freelancing/ outsourcing program will surely blow your mind away. Why? Let’s just say that you’ll have fast result, chance to earn $20 to $50 a day, easy tasks (really easy tasks), average of $1.50 for a 5 minute task, and a PayPal withdrawal option. CloudCrowd is a Facebook application that allows you to work as long as you have a Facebook account. Just like Mturk, you’ll be paid by doing certain task like improving a badly written paragraph from foreign websites. You don’t have to wait long to withdraw your earnings, there is no minimum pay out and payment will be deposited to your PayPal account after 24 hours. Still not convinced? Click here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earn Money Playing Poker Part 2. No Pay Poker.

I encountered another way of earning money through playing poker. Though not exciting as my previous Earn through Playing Poker Post, this is another way of having fun while earning. No Pay Poker has no deposit options, it give you instantly "Freed" credits which allows you to play in their Poker tables. 1 Freed I think is equal to $0.01 and can be withdraw after an accumulation of $30. Payments are through PayPal, Neteller, and Moneybookers. You have to install their software first then create an account. They have offers to increase your Freed credits by writing an article, completing your profile, etc. Where's the payments from? Just like other sites out there, No Pay Poker is fueled by the advertisements seen on the sidebars of its software. Have fun playing!

Tips and Tricks for Searchers of Online Money Making Opportunities

As we search for ways to earn money online, we encounter offers that are too good to be true, promises that dazzles us with offers to get rich quickly, to earn without doing any hard work. But most of these are empty promises, a scam, a campaign for the benefit of others. What can we do to avoid these things? What are the rules we can impose to ourselves so that we'll not be robbed of our money and our precious time? These are some rules that I can suggest you guys should consider following, it's never bad to be careful.

• Never pay a single cent to earn money online. If it requires you some money so that you'll be able to earn $1,000 of dollars, most probably it's a scam.
• If you can't resist the temptation of signing up for a earn money oppurtunity, at least do a review. Search for independent reviews from reputable sources. Ask around in forums for feedbacks. If it's a good program, surely someone heard about it. If it's a scam, surely many heard about it.
• Look for indicators like suspicious page layout. Most scams have a crappy page layout. The typical sign now for 50% off price sign up button at the top, middle and bottom of the page. Pages that require your credit card infos.
• Have a secondary e-mail account for signing up for registrations. You don't want to get your e-mail hacked, with all your other important accounts connected to it.
• Use unique passwords to different web pages. If you're lazy to keep track of numerous passwords, you can use 1 strong password and attach the last 3 characters of the page as a suffix.(e.g. Password for facebook is abc123book, for twitter is abc123tter).
• If you find a good site with a list of what turns out as links to reputable earn money programs, bookmark it for future updates.
• $100/hour for doing easy tasks is not possible. Promises, promises, promises.
• Always read first the FAQs page of every website. Know how, when, through what means you'll get paid.

So that's it. Research, research and research. Even if t's free. You don't want to be wasting your time or be a target of SPAMS in your e-mail or worse, be a victim of identity theft.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Earn Money Playing Poker! No need to Spend a Cent.

What's the coolest way of earning free money online? Play POKER! But wait, playing poker requires cashing in a certain amount right? That'll be not a problem with PKR.com. You can be a poker star without ever having to spend a single dime! Surprised? Let me first give a description of PKR.com. PKR is one if not the top poker site online. They have the best, realy the best graphics out there. It is poker meet Sims 3D interface. You have to download first the software(for free), which will take a little long depending on your internet connection. Register at their sign up page, and then start changing your avatar's appearance. Choose clothes, facial features, built, accent(American, Italian, French...) chips trick(twirl, stack..) and many more. Camera angles options are awesome. But what really knocks me off is the expressions. You can dance, say boo, congratulate, be angry, sad, happy, taunt and many more. Then you can start playing the game. There are 2 games to choose from; practice tables and real money tables. How to play in the real money table for free? Go to the real money tabs, choose the sit and go tournament, then find the 10 cent give away. You'll start with 1500 poker chips with 9 other opponent. If you manage to eliminate them, you'll win $0.06, the second place receives $0.04. You can do this all the time as long as your balance is below $1. If you accumulate enough real money, you can join the regular tables with the lowest buy in of $0.02. Who knows, you might have a chance to go up the ladder and accumulate enough to enter in the $2, $5, $10, $100 or more. Cash out options are through credit cards, direct money transfer, moneybookers, or through check. It's so easy to win, just be patient and have enough skill to play poker. Don't be tempted to go all in every time. So that's it. Start playing like a rock star!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Earn Money Just by Clicking Ads!

A simple view and click on advertisements will get me rich?! The answer is no. It'll just add to your additional income. There are "Paid to Click" sites(PTCs) that will just require you to read advertisements on their pages or in your email. You must stay at least 30 seconds on the advertisement's page. A click will earn you 0.01 - 0.02 cents(USD). Not much eh? But if you really want to earn big, you have to refer your friends to the PTC pages. It's just like the pyramid schemes/Multilevel marketings without requiring you to spend any cent. This is not a get rich quick scheme, just an additional income to your pocket. There are 4 site that I recommend Clixsense, Hits4Pay, and Trekpay. 80% of the PTCs sites out there are scammers, they never pay out. But I personally assure that these sites are legit. You can search the net for reviews for you to believe. Payments varies depending on the site, some pay through check, others through PayPal. One more thing, only one account per household can be used. They will register your IP ad to prevent multiple users. So that's it, get paid to view ads. Now click on the links to register for free! I'll be adding new PTCs after verification... (I recommend Trekpay coz it's new, and clixsense because of availability of ads)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Earn Money through Surveys

That's right, answering survey questions for 5 minutes to 20 minutes can give you an additional income too. There are many Paid to take Surveys out there that are legit like Global Test Market. For starters, you have to fill up a profile survey for you to be able to receive targeted surveys in your email. The last survey I took was from Head and Shoulders which earned me 35 points upon completion(5 cents USD per market points). How to cash out? You must first accumulate a total of 1000 market points for you to be able to cash out. They will mail a check to you in your local currency(if available, if not then it's USD).

Earn Money through Blogging; Simply like this Blog!

For those who are late in the game... I pity you guys. Lol! But better late than never right? Make a blog! Start with free blog sites that require ZERO fee to have an account. Like Blogger or any other sites out there. I personally prefer Blogger, period. How to earn through blogging?! The way other blog sites earn -through paid advertisements! Google Adsense, Adbrite, Infolinks, Kontera and many other ads provider out there. They are free to join and will instantly direct advertisements to your web page or blog sites. How much will you earn? Depending on how many "Page impressions" you have, that is the number of views your page has. And also the number of clicks these advertisements received. But beware: never ever click or get others to click your own advertisements. They have a way of knowing. Your account will be suspended. How to cash out? Others send checks, Google Adsense now offers paying out through Western Union, others through money bookers, PayPal, AlertPay account.

Earn through Amazon Mturk - Easy and Fun!

Hello guys! Tired of searching the web for ways of adding extra income? Why not try Amazon's Mturk? Well, I'm sure you are well aware of Amazon's reputation as one of the respectable name online. What to expect? You can choose from thousands of tasks ranging from visiting a website, watching a video, writing an article, transcribing an audio, rating a picture, rewriting a sentence and many more. How much you'll get paid? Depending on the task, the easier the cheaper, around $0.1 starting pay off(Get a dollar by doing a repetitive task in 20 minutes). Article writing pays off from a dollar up to $20. How to cash out? That's the downside here, you must have a bank account in the USA to be able to transfer it to your account(You can solve this problem by asking someone in US to give you their routing and account number, and for them to send it to you). If you're in India they have a way of sending it to your account after some verifications. Another way of using your earned credits is by transferring it to an Amazon.com gift card and buy something from their online store(Limited products available for International buyers). I really do hope they allow Paypal pay out option! I tried it for 3 days, just alloting 2 hours each and I was able to have around $6. I was not even working real hard that time. Try it! Visit the link and sign up, its free. Amazon Mturk.