Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging About Earning Money Online Again

It’s more than a year since my last post in this blog. I decided to stop blogging here and just put all my posts, regardless of what topic, in one place. But after changing my layout here, I decided to keep things running again in this earning money online blog.

Over the span of one year, I encountered more online jobs and earning opportunities. I found sites where one can earn a regular income by doing real tasks. I will share those sites in my future blog posts. I still stand to my rule that one should never pay just to earn online and avoid scam sites that is just a waste of time and does not pay.

So, I hope that I will gain more followers (sorry for my 19 loyal followers for the hiatus) and be able to build trust to my readers. Enjoy the new Earn Cash Online Blog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Work at Home Opportunity

Looking for another legitimate work at home opportunity? Be a KGB Special Agent! Last year, they offered online applications for US and Canadian residents, but just a week ago they opened for Filipinos as well.

Read the rest of story here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Google Latest Result Search

I was sitting with my office mate a couple of days ago when I noticed the Latest Results box in the Google search page. He was searching for the latest result of a certain team in NBA that time and there was this box that has real time updates from from Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Blogs and other social media outlets. 
From what I read from other reviews, this is just a recent feature and is just "experimental". Publishers has mixed reactions regarding the Latest Result Search. Some think of it as a good thing for those who don't know much about SEO and want to get their pages on the first page of Google search. But most of the publishers who invested time and money on SEO find it annoying, a "joke" and a waste of their efforts.

Let's just see how this Google Latest Search will benefit an ordinary blogger like me. Hope this can be a big help for those who wants to promote their page on the most coveted first page of Google search. To experience and see for yourself how this work just type in LA Lakers or Tiger Woods or anything that is popular today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ping Pong: The Importance of Pinging Your Blog

Another way of increasing your traffic is by using of free pinging service found in the internet, by doing so you can inform others that you have added new contents to your blog. There’s a lot to choose from, just type “pinging service” in Google and you’ll get a handful of results.

The process is just easy. Typically you’ll be asked to type the name of your blog, the URL and RSS URL(optional). Then the service will do the rest. You’ll just wait a minute or two for the results. You’ll be able to see if the ping is successful to servers like Google, Yahoo, Tehcnorati, etc.

You can use multiple pinging services to index new contents of your blog. But choosing multiple services might ping same servers for same content and might consider your site a spam. So, to be safe and not endanger your blog is to use just a single pinging service. Here’s a list of some services I recommend:  

King Ping

Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Be on Top of Google Search in Less Than a Minute.

If you're really desperate on trying to be on top of Google search page then this is you're lucky day. I'm going to teach you how to be on top among millions of websites for just a few minutes. This is will cost you nothing and is really easy to do, even my 8 year old niece can do it.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in a keyword/keywords that you're sure you can find your website in.

Step 3: Notice those Promote button?(yeah, that a new feature) Click on it.

Instant Rank 1 on Google!

I don't really know yet about how things work with the promote, remove and comment button. But from what I observed is that it just saves on your computer. It won't affect your ranking or some SEO thingamajig. If Google does implement those buttons to affect websites ranking, it'll be a heck of a roller coaster ride for publishers. A big chaos of clicking contest.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earn Money Writing: Wikinut

Looking for a new site that offer writers a share of revenue from page impression and advertisements posted along with your article? Yes, I know this is not a new concept, but why not give this one a try? The last time I looked at it is there's only a few articles posted on their site.

Wikinut is a new site that pays their writer through PayPal. Yes, that's PayPal. That's good for those who wants to make us of a pen name and don't want to divuldge their identity. Only your user name will be posted with your article. You don't have to post your real picture n tyour profile, all they require is a picture. What I posted is a picture of a Ferris Wheel(that's the first picture I saw in my desktop). They also promised to make any experienced writers as moderators. As moderators, you'll share a revenue from the adverts of the pages you are moderating. 10% commission is also paid to direct referrals.

I don't know yet how Wikinut will turn out to be in a future, but for me I'll give it a try. I'll post a proof of payment whenever I get my first pay. For those who are interested click here.

Goodbye Linkreferral

I removed my Linkreferral button in this blog. I will also stop Visiting 30 websites, reviewing and adding a website at Linkreferral. Why? Because I might lose or get my Google AdSense account. There are those who said that had their account suspended and those who are saying they have no problem with baing a part of Linkreferral. We really don't know if Google is prohibiting joining Linkreferral but we can never be sure. I want to play safe.

You can review your Google AdSense TOS and find in there that only "organic" traffic is allowed. Increasing traffic by means of manual or automatic programs is prohibited. There are also other reasons your account can be terminated and I know everyone's aware of them, there's no need to go on them one by one.We just have to go along with the rules. Google is Google.,They have eyes everywhere.

So, if you want to use Linkreferral use it on your "Affiliate" sites without Google AdSense. Or you can start monetizing your site, increase traffic so as to have a better page rank then after that when it is stable enough you can start it back with AdSense.